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Camouflage Graphics

Tailgate Wrap Duck Pond Mallard Lake Camo Truck Vinyl Graphics Wrap

Tailgate Wrap Duck Pond Mallard Lake Camo Truck Vinyl Graphics Wrap

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  • Premium 3M Brand Vinyl
  • Laminated for years of long life
  • Universal Kit designed to fit most trucks and SUVs
  • 3M Air Channel Release
  • 7+ Years Life Expectancy
We offer high-quality Tailgate Wrap Kits here at Camouflage Wrap Kits. We have a multitude of designs to suit your needs. 

Our tailgate wrap kits come in 1 Universal Size — 26″ and 66″
Buyer installs and trims to fit. 

With 3 different types of vinyl material available so that you can choose the vinyl that works for the amount of curves on your project. 
  • Moderate
  • Semi-Conformative
  • Ultra-Conformative
The more complex curves, the more elastic the vinyl required.  We start with "Moderate". This will work for most simple fairly flat tailgates. If you have curves and ridges going in a couple of different directions we recommend "Semi-Conformative". 

"Moderate" and "Semi-Conformative"  will work for most applications. 

"Ultra Conformative" is for those situations that has complex curves.  Embossed letters in the tailgate, for example, would be complex as you have curves going in many different directions. 

And if you have a special project that needs a particular size of vinyl larger than what we offer here, email us and we can help you out. 

We use Premium 3M Vehicle vinyl and we use UV resistant inks. Then we top coat that print with a UV resistant clear cast laminate designed for vehicles to add more durability and longer life. 

This easy-to-use kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. Easy to follow instructions are included with your kit. 
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