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Chevy Silverado Racing Stripes Grassland - 1999-2002

Chevy Silverado Racing Stripes Grassland - 1999-2002

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These Chevy Silverado Racing Stripe Decals, printed on Premium 3M Vehicle Vinyl with Air Channel Release Technology, are laminated with a heat-applied laminated for years of protection. These stripes are specifically designed to fit your Chevy Silverado. Minor trimming may be required for emblems, squirters, handles, etc. The micro-Air Release Channels help ensure a bubble-free installation so you have a professional looking finished product. 7 or more years of great vivid color on these Semi-Gloss Racing Stripes!

This set of Racing Stripes has 2 pieces per stripe - The main body of the stripe, a 1/4" gap, and the 1/4" wide outer pin-striped edging. To maintain the integrity of the gap, we send these already affixed to a clear low-tack application tape. However, this does make them more complicated to install and novice installers may find these more difficult. If you don't have a lot of experience, please check out our similar stripes that come in one solid piece. 

For the novice installer and the budget-conscious, we also provide these decals with a colored band of striping between the main body and the pin-striped edge, so that the decal is one solid piece. These are easier to install as well as a lower price. You can find them here on our store. 

All of our Racing Stripes come with installation instructions and directions to a free online installation training video. 
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