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Camouflage Graphics

Chameleon Camo 2 Purple Rocker Panel Wrap Graphic Decal Wrap Truck Kit

Chameleon Camo 2 Purple Rocker Panel Wrap Graphic Decal Wrap Truck Kit

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Chameleon Camo 2 Purple Rocker Panel Wrap Graphic Decal Wrap Truck Kit
    These wraps are made with Premium 3M Cast Laminate and Vinyl with Air Release Channels. Premium Vinyl and Ink ensure vivid and long-lasting stripes. Air Release Channels ensure a professional bubble-free installation.
     With our superior print quality and UV resistant inks, this wrap is sure to last you for years to come. We offer high-quality rocker panel wraps kits here at Camouflage Wrap Kits.
    • 3M Air Release Vinyl
    • Eco-Solvent Inks
    • Laminated to Last
    • Universal Trim to Fit!
    • Easy to Install!
    • Online Training Installation Video Included! 
    We have several size variations to get you the best fit for your truck.
    Our rocker panel wrap kits come in 3 different heights — 8", 12″, and 16″.
    We have 2 different lengths available. Our rocker panels come in 21 and 30-foot lengths total (10.5 or 15 feet per truck side).

    We design our wraps for those who want to do it themselves.  So we section our wraps into panels of 52" each. These smaller panels make it much easier to handle when installing. We print our designs with a slight overlap between panels for a more seamless look and for durability. 
    Our patterns do not just repeat the same old pattern over and over either.  You get a full truck length of non-repeating pattern. And we print our wraps at 1440 dpi for a crisp and vivid print. 

    With 4 different types of vinyl material available we have what you need depending on the amount and type of curves on your project. Please be aware that the Flat-to-Mild is for very flat surfaces with only the most simple of uni-directional curves. And the Ultra-Conformative is for the most complicated of applications. 
    • Flat to Mild
    • Moderate
    • Conformative
    • Ultra-Conformative
    The more complex curves, the more stretchable the vinyl required.  We start with a relatively flat vinyl "Flat to Mild", perfect for a smooth surface with little to no curves.  If you have any complex curves we would recommend starting with "Moderate". If you have curves and ridges going in a couple of different directions we recommend "Conformative". 

    "Moderate" and "Conformative"  will work for most applications. 
    If you intend to also go over wheel wells, you will need to at least start with "Conformative".  

    "Ultra Conformative" is for those situations that hold more than two complex curves.  To give an example, the picture we've included in this listing would be "Moderate". If your vehicle has more curves than the truck in our pic, choose the better grade material.  

    We also offer matching Tailgate Wraps and other Truck Graphics. If you have a special project that needs a particular size of vinyl larger than what we offer here, contact us and we will assist you.

    If you have any questions, please contact us here and we'll be happy to help you out!
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